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Shared language between Academia & Industry

By November 23, 2015SNC News

I have had the good fortune to be a researcher in both Academia and Industry. I have found that both worlds have a lot to learn from each other and I from them, so throughout my career, I kept switching from one to the other, in search of the perfect balance.
I thrived on the drive that motivates the R&D department in a company, where a shared goal makes the individual efforts almost selfless and I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment at the sight of a finished product. At the same time, I loved the freedom that academia and its laboratories of ideas offer. In the end, most importantly, I gained the confidence that a language can be spoken, which both the commercial and academic people are able to understand.
In more recent years, I have taken the opportunity and the challenge to bridge both worlds and bring them together for my customers. I strive to refresh my theoretical and practical scientific skills and this allows me to keep fluent at the language learnt in my formation years and makes me feel part of the wider world of knowledge.
This attitude is necessary because that common language is alive and evolving every day, with each query, each discovery and with every new product delivered to the market. By keeping the communication between academia and industry ongoing and acknowledging the important role that each of us plays, we can look forward to even more learnings and accomplishments that serve the wider purpose of science.



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